Friday, 30 May 2014


Alkanes are composed of carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms. Linear alkanes have the molecular formula CnH2n+2. Alkanes exist largely as a gas. As all hydrocarbons, they are insoluble in water.

Friday, 23 May 2014


This year, we studied the chimic energy in particular the combustion. We are going to present this chapter.

A combustion is a chemical transformation which produces heat. To have a combustion you need  : a fuel (wood, gas...), a combustive (air) and a source of heat. To stop a combustion it is enough to supress one of the sides of the triangle of the fire.

It exist two types of combustions : complete combustion (air in sufficiency, blue flame); incomplete combustion (incapacity of dioxygene, orange flame).

Friday, 16 May 2014

The competition in Bordeaux

With the STL class, we went to Bordeaux for an award winning ceremony in Bordeaux university. In this university, we met different classes who participated in the competition.

At the begining of award winning ceremony, a woman talked about monocrystal, then the same woman gave the awards but unfortunately we didn't win any award... When the ceremony was finished, a scientist presented a slideshow which spoke about a different form of monocrystal.

We ate at the university when the scientist has finished his slideshow presentation

The competition in Bordeaux

   When we arrived in Bordeaux, we went to the university of Bordeaux to see who had won the awards.
 Unfortunately we didn't win an award but the university offered gifts to the participants.

   After that a scientist presented how to make a monocrystal and he showed monocrystals surround us that we can use in everything ( cooking, medicine, physics...) and when he finished we went to eat at the university.

   When we finished we left the university to go to the wine museum, we came back in Biarritz and we finished the day.

The wine museum

There are two weeks ago, we were in Bordeaux to participate in an awards ceremony and to visit the whine museum. We visited this museum because in chemistry we study the compounds of wine.
We met the director of this museum; who told us the history of Bordeaux wine. He told us that these wine are born of Aquitaine sun and long wear fame in the world.
After that, he describe us where does the color of wine, the culture of each part of Bordeaux and how to know the level of alcohol in a bottle of wine..
It was a good visit and we learned a lot.

                                 "Art and whine used for fraternity between nations."

the award ceremony for the monocrystal project

When we arrived in Bordeaux, at 9am, we went to a University to attend to the award ceremony of our monocrystal project.
First of all, all the members of the jury presented themself and after that they told everyone about how they had chosen the best monocrystal.
We did not win anything because the other monocrystals were better and bigger but they gave to us a little prize like a pencil, a pen and some magazines...
After that, a chemist specialized in crystals, made a long speech about crystals in our everyday life, it was a little boring because it was very long but interesting though.

This is were the ceremony took place:

Friday, 9 May 2014

Our day in Bordeaux

Last week, we were in Bordeaux with the STL class. Because we had entered a competiton in March 2014. We were supposed to receive an award at the university of Bordeaux in a former convent. First,  many people made speeches. After that they explained how they chose the best monocrystal: they weighed it, they chose the most beautiful. All the winners climbed on the podium, but, we didn't win anything unfortunately...

Award winning ceremony

Since the beginning of the year, we have had a project in physics. The project consists in creating the biggest monocrystal (it is a solid composed by only one crystal). We spent approximately 7 weeks creating the monocrystal. In february, we sent the best monocrystal of the class at the university of Bordeaux. After that, we waited for their answer.

                              This is not a monocrystal, this is the initial phase, the beginning.

                             This is not a monocrystal because there is not only one crystal.

We went to the award winning ceremony to see if we had won, but we didn't win anything.

The Wine Museum

Last week, we were in Bordeaux with the class of STL for an award and to visit the Wine Museum which is exactly in Gradignan, near Bordeaux. The exact name of the Museum is : "L'écomusée de la vigne et du vin".
Our chemistry teacher chose the wine museum because we are studing wine in class (its composition, the way of making it...) and this museum particularly because we went in Bordeaux and it is near Bordeaux.
At this museum a man presented to us the history of wine, the tools to produce wine used between 1850 and 1950. At the end of the visite, the man made us study wines  : the color, the smell...