Friday, 26 September 2014

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming
1) When did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?
2) During what war was penicillin used for the first time ?
  a) World war I
  b) World war II
  c) Korean War
3) What is exactly penicillin?
   a) a bacteria
   b) a coccus
   c) a mucoraceae
4) How did he realize the presence of penicillin?
   a)A strong smell escaped from its cultures
   b)colors of its staphylococci had changed
   c)A circular area in which the bacterium did not grow was present around the mold colony
5) What was he cultivating when he discovered penicillin?
   a) Eucaryote
   b) staphylococci
   c) Nénuphars

James Watt

James Watt

1. When was he born?
   a) 1736
   b) 1836
   c) 1936

2. Where was he born?
   a) Greenock
   b) Carlton
   c) Halestown

3. What did he create?
  a) The steam machine
  b) Penicillin
  c) The telephone

4. When did he die?
  a) In 1830
  b) In 1819
  c) In 1917

5. Where did he study ?
  a) At Glasgow University
  b) In Oxford
  c) At Adambra University

Please, write your answers in the "comments" section. We shall answer you soon.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

A. What did he invent ?
a. the Iphone
b. the telephone
c. the micro-wave

B. When was he born ?
a. in1847
b. in 1997
c. in 2010

C. How many nationalities has he got ?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 5

D. What unit was created in his honor ?
a. Bel
c. Watt

E. What was he initially attracted by ?
a. by Science
b. by Music
c. by Cooking

Please write you answers in the "comments" section.
We shall answer you soon.

the interview of laboratory assistant

With my partner Eva , we went to the laboratory in order to interview the laboratory assistant.
We asked her five questions :

1.What type of studies did you do? She did the same studies as we do : STL.
2. How long have you done this job ? She ahs done this job for 14 years.
3.Why have you chosen this job ? She chose this job because she loves it.
4.What do you like in this job ? She likes the contact with the students and getting everything ready for the teacher experiments ( like on this picture )
5.Do you prefer physics or chimistry , Why ? She doesn't like physics and chimistry , she prefers Biology.
                                          We don't know is name, she anonymous!

Our chemistry teacher

Me and my friend Joëlle we interviewed our chemistry teacher:
-"What's your name?"
-"My name is Ms Luminati."
-"Where do you live?"
-" I live in Bayonne"
-"Why have you chosen this job?"
-"I had to choose between many careers: between being an engineer, a researcher or a teacher. I chose teacher because I enjoy being with students, to explain, to tell stories about chemistry and physics."
-"What do you like and hate about this job?"
-"I love the contact with young students, being with young people and I love when  students' eyes say: "I understand" I enjoy to share  my knowledge. What I like the least is correcting tests.
-"When did you start teaching?".
-" I started teaching in 1998 in Lyon".
-"How many years did you need?".
-"I needed  between 4 and 5 years after the BAC exam".

Our English teacher !

So, we needed to interview one staff member of the school, we chose our English teacher.
Here are the questions we asked her :
What is your (full) name ?
 -My English name is Martina Mathis cause in English Martine it's a boy's name.
But in France my name is Martine Mathis.
Where are you from ?
-I'm from Grenoble but I stayed 6 years in India before teaching in Malraux.
How old are you ?
-She "noped" us :)
What job do you do at school ?
I teach English, and I try to teach science ... cause I don't like repeating the same things... but science is harder.
How did you become a teacher ?
-I studied and took an exam... and I spent 2 years in the USA.
How long you've been working here ?
-It's my third year here.
What exam did you pass ?
-CAPES but now you  need to have a masters to  be teacher.

Friday, 19 September 2014

my presentation

Hello! my name is Margaux Seguin. I'm 16. I live in Saint Martin de Seignanx. I was born in Bayonne the 10 july on 1998. I chose Laboratory Science and Technology beacause I love experimenting and chemistry. On the photo I' m a girl of the bottom, in the middle. I wear a white tee-shirt. kiss :)

My presentation

Hi! My name is Joëlle Balmes and I'm 16. I was born in Bayonne the 10 April 1998. I live in Tarnos, a little city near Bayonne. I chose Laboratory Sciences and Technology (STL) because I love experimenting and later I will have a lot of job openings and I love chemistry. Moreover there aren't a lot of years of studies. On the picture, I'm the little blond girl with the America's flag on the shirt. I'm the 5th person standing.
This is the beach of Biarritz!!!

Me, myself and I

Hello, my name is Antoine and I am 15 years old. I was born in Paris, where I lived but I moved to Biarritz when I was 11 years old. I practice american football with James O'Neal. On our class photo, I am at the right oh the big men called Lucas. I chose STL (Laboratory Science and Technology) because I don't like theory, I love experimenting and inventing.

That presentation !

Well... my name is Maxime I come from André Malraux High-School LST Section !
I'm 16th, I live in Arcangues (somewhere lost in France)  and I chose LST section cause I love Laboratory things and maybe because I'm not really good in Mathemactic :3  ...
For the information, On the photo I'm the one stand up, with the white shirt !
Cya !

My presentation

I'm Charles Maze, I study on André Malraux High-School on the Laboratory Sciences and Technology section.
I'm 16th and I live in Arcangues. I chose this section cause...I hope I'm good in sciences and I love it and I'm really really REALlY weak in french or other languages...
On the team photo I'm at the right at the bottom, in blue.

My name is Lucas

Hello, my name is Lucas, I'm sixteen and I have lived in biarritz since I was born. I'm not difficult to find, I'm the tallest on the photo "Dream Team 2". I've chosen Laboratory Sience and Thecnology because I like chemistry and I want to do many experiments. I think I have made a good choice.

my presentation of me.

Hello, I am James

I am 15 year old. I live in Biarritz it's a surfers' town :). I play American football with a classmate Antoine Glory, I surf and skate. It has been 4 years since I have lived here. Before, I was living in Paris since I was 3 months old. And before that, I was born on the 11/06/1998 in Dallas/Texas USA. Then every summer I go there to visit my Dad and my family. I live with my mom, grand-mother and older sister. I have chosen Labatory science and Technology (stl), because a scientifque would of been to hard for me. With this diploma I want to be an enginer in the American Navy. It has been my dream since i was little. On the picture, I am kneeling, I am on the first row, wearing a shirt, on top of a white shirt with red letters on it saying:"Enjoy California", I am wearing blue pants with a pair of vans. I am also doing the surfer's sign with a huge smile.

Can you find me?

My presentation !

HI ! My name is Léa Pasternak and I am 17 years old. I live in Biarritz and my High School is Andre Malraux. I have chosen Laboratory Sciences and Technology (STL) because I like experimenting in a laboratory and I would like to work in cosmetology field later.
On the photo, I am the girl with the blue and orange pattern dress.

My presentation

HI! My name is Eva Hirigoyen and I am 16 years old. I live in Biarritz and my High School is in this town.
Its name is Andre Malraux. I have chosen Laboratory Sciences and technology (STL)  because I like very much carrying out in a laboratory.
On the photo I am the girl at the bottom in blue.


My name is Paul I live in Biarritz I chose Laboratory Science and Technology(STL) because I like experimenting. I am on the photo "Dream team number 2" at the left I'm standing with a blue skirt.

Friday, 12 September 2014

My presentation

My name is Tom AVRIL, I live in Biarritz I'm 16 years old, I've chosen the laboratory Science and Technology option because I want to do more chemistry theory and I really like to do experiments in physics. On the photo, I'm bottom left.