Friday, 3 October 2014

Our headmaster

Paul and Me ask questions at the director of the hight school about his job. 
1) How long have you been the director of Malraux ?
   _I have been the director of Malraux for 2 years.
2) Is it the first time you are director?
   _Yes it's the first time I am the director of an high school , before I was director in a school.
3) Can you explain your job?What are your activities ?
  _ I have lots of activities in the school. I organize everything; I also do all I can so that the class could be more confortable for the teachers and the students.
4) How long do you work every weeks?
  _I work 12 hours a day in the week and 6 hours on the saturday morning.
5) Why did you choose this job?Are you satisfied by this job? 
  _I was a mathematical teacher during 18 years , and now as a director I am in charge of the school and I like it.

Miss Pastor's interview

Last Friday, we met Miss Pastor, the librarian, and we asked her about her job.
"What's your name ?"
"My name is Sabrina Pastor."
"What is your role in this library ?"
"I help students in their documentary researches and medias education and I manage the library."

"What is your typical day ?"
"I receive classes, I help students in their documentary researches. I manage the daily press. I register books and I work on different projects with other teachers."
"Do you like your job ?"
"Yes, I love my work because I like helping students and I like working in a book environnement."
"How many years did you study ?"
 "I studied five years."
"How long have you been in a library ?"
"It's my first year."

miss Etchepare

After presenting myself, I asked several her questions that she answered too. I am going to give you a topic of her answeres. I started by asking her in what does her job consist in? She told me that, she was responsable of the pastoral office, and the monitors. She is also responsable if the students are present or absent. She talks with the teachers to make sur that everything is alright or not. After that I asked her, what certificate or diploma do we need to access her job. Her job requires to pass a contest, a few years more of studying after the "BAC". My following questions was, why did she chosen this job? She answered me, because she likes the contact that she has with the students. (that's why she's so nice). Then I asked her if she liked her job? She told me yes, because here there is a great contact with the students. And that was it.