Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Comet 67p/churyumov-gerasimenko

A comet is a big rock. Humanity has always been interested and sometimes afraid about comets. A comet is composed of rock, dirt and ice and we can find this amazing object on the coldest and darknest part of solar system. These incredible comets are composed of 70% of water and smell like... rotten eggs, alcohol, vinegar. There is no gravity around comets and that was the problem for Rosetta mission. Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is very important because maybe we will find origins of humanity. Rosetta was sent ten years ago and landed on the comet the 12th November 2014 !

Sunday, 23 November 2014

New data from Rosetta

Rosetta is the name of a mission created by Eurepoean Space Agency (ESA). Its objective is to find informations about the origin of humanity. For this mission, Rosetta took a little robot inside, its name is Philae.
Rosetta's journey started the March 2nd 2004. The August 6th 2014, Rosetta started to go to the comet. Philae was loaded the November 12nd 2014. The end of Rosetta's mission will be in December 2015.

Rosetta's journey

Rosetta had to travel 6 billion kilometers to arrive at the comet. Rosetta passed in front of the Earth, Mars and 2 asteroids with the gravity . The name of the comet is 67P/Churyumar-Gerasimenka because it has been discovered by 2 Russians scientists. The mission of Rosetta is to learn more about the comet. Lots of people have always been interested in comets or afraidby them. It's the most difficult mission ever done because the speed of the comet is 40 000 km/h like the speed of a bullet.

New data from Rosetta

Rosetta is the name of a space mission and it is a project of the European Space Agency (ESA). It took 10 years to Rosetta to reach the comet. The name of this comet will be the one of  two Russians who are Churyumov and Gerasimenko : the name of the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. In the picture above, you can see the element that landed on the comet the 12th november 2014; this element is called Philae. It's a science's revolution !

New data from Rosetta

Rosetta arrived in orbit Churyumov-Gerasimenko of Comet 67P November 12, 2014, after a journey of more than 10 years. She sent a probe on the comet named Philae. It is installed without difficulty but harpoons did not work which slowed slightly data taken on the ground and accelerating energy loss during drilling, which resulted in a "hibernation" of the probe and cut all communications with the earth. Scientists predict a total stop of the mission in December 2015.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

New data from Rosetta

Rosetta is a name of mission in the space and is a project of European Space Agency (ESA). The journey of Rosetta began the 2nd March 2004. The objective of Rosetta is to find informations about the origins of humanity. Rosetta is a space probe to lead a little robot on the comet. The name of little rob is Philae and is fit out 10 object to analyse the composition of the ground of the comet for example, one spectrometer and one magnetometer. Philae land with two harpoons to set Philae on the comet. The scientist of ESA have much hope on the little robot because the information of the comet are very important for ESA. The end of the Rosetta and Philae mission is planned in December 2015.

New data from Rosetta

Rosetta is a spacecraft and it's the firt mission to orbit and land on a comet : 67P/Tchourioumov-Guérassimenko. Rosetta was built in 1993, it was launched on March 2nd 2004. In 2010, Rosetta is left in abeyance and reactivated in January 2014. In August 16th 2014, it begins its operations.
The November 12th 2014 is an historic day : Rosetta realeases the atterisseur Philae who settles on the comet (more than 10 years after the launch). Philae has to analyze the composition of the ground, the temperature... The end of the mission is planed in December 2015.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Rosetta spacecraft

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