Friday, 30 January 2015

Pinhole camera

What is a Pinhole Camera?

This is a very simple camera that captures black and white images. We used a box with one side that is pierced by a small hole letting in light. Putting photo paper on the surface opposite the hole, an image can be captured.
In air, the light rays reflect from an object moving in a straight line and enter through the hole in the box before reaching the paper layer, which will capture the image of the object. In the pinhole camera, light rays from the top and bottom of the object cross and the image of the object is then thrown on the layer. The operation of this device is similar, on principle, to that of the eye. When we look at an object, it reflects light rays which enter the eye through a hole (the pupil), and reverses image forms on a screen (the retina).

                                                     The first pinhole in the world 



  1. Very interesting and educational my friends!!CONGRATS on your work :)
    Olympia Meliopoulou and Ioannis Lazopoulos

  2. Very interesting the video is simple and can be understand by everyone :)
    Eva and Charles

  3. very interesting!


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