Friday, 23 January 2015

Turn your smartphone into a digital microscope

how do you turn your smartphone into a digital microscope?

For this project we decided to build a home made microscope with a plank of wood, and plank of plexiglass, screws and the most important thing: the lens!!
 Our lens was found in a computer's CD player.
We have already determined the focal distance of our lens and it brings us beautiful results like this:
our lens can zoom 40 times.

 We have seen how to make this homemade microscope on youtube at this adress:


  1. Wow!!! Amazing! I have never thought that it was possible!!

  2. this is awesome i will try it at home :D

  3. wow!!!have you tried this??!

    Myriam, Katerina, Rafaela

  4. preety good idea but i dont think it is cost efficient as you could just buy a normal microscope
    aggelos and nikos

  5. i think thi is very good idea i will try it at home

  6. that's extremely amazing....i'm really intrerested in trying it too

  7. We are two classmates from Greece . Our names are Markos & Efi ! We watched the video with the smartphone which turned into a microscope . It was incredible and we would like to do the same. Was it difficult to do that ?

  8. Hey guys! We are really amazed by your post , we found it really interesting and we hope that we will be able to make it happen!
    Victoria and Olympia

  9. woaw that's projet is amazing I didn't know I can realize a microscope with my smartphone


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