Sunday, 27 September 2015

Please, former students contact me

Dear former students,

Dear Léa, Lola, Marilys, Benoît, Rémi, Damien, Victor, Cédric, Jimmy and Mayalen,
Can you contact me?

I would like to create a special section on this blog 
where former (ex) students can express themselves. 
You can be of great help to our students who are still uncertain about their future.
Please, contact me at this address:
Hope to hear from you soon!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Guess who is my friend

 He  does ice hockey  he has brown hair   he never comes for French on Monday beacause he must go in match for ice hockey compétition.
He is dopping beacause he takes proteins he is a cheater but he play at fifa 15 and other vidéo games so he cheate too in vidéo game .

Who is he?

This boy bodysurfs at a  high level in France. He has a small dog whose name is "leeroy". He has short black hair and is got white hairs . Furthermore when the weather is fine his eyes become brown and yellow whereas when the weather is bad this eyes seem green and yellow and yet little


My friend is a boy, he is a very good surferfurthermore he goes often at Ghetary for the good wave  he's a atletic boy since he practiced judo moreover he has the orange belt, he's favorite game on PC is LOL, he takas glasses furthermore he has blond hair and blue eyes, is a very good friend.

Who is he?

  My friend is a boy. He practices pelote basques in BAC. He is a bilangue boy!!! 
He loves english,spanish whereas he doesn't like Frence. He has a big smile!

He loves the simpson, more he loves watch the rugby world  champion in England furthermore the football. 
He support for rugby Bayonne and for the football FC Barcelone. 
He likes Messi because he has a same points. 


His country 's in Europe! The person that I'm going to presente come from country between Bosnia Herzegovina and Bulgaria.
He practice a dangerous sport. Moreover he can killed a person if he want. 
When I see he, he always wear a hat.

There 're lot of excellent football players who play for his national team, like Lazar Mitrovic, or the defense men of chelsea blues, Branislav Ivanovic. 
 The symbol of his country is...

A new friend is the greatest basketball player, he is very good. Furthermore he plays in a great team wich is JABiarritz. I have know this man since four weeks. He has black and short hair .
 He is very good person and very very funny. He was in an other college of me. He is a video games fan because he plays fifa on ps3

My Old Friend have known him for a long time,I met him in kinder garden furthermore he is in my class this year.
I have played football with him during eight years at the Jeanne d'Arc of Biarritz.
He has braces and brown hair.
When he was young, he has long hair but he cut them at the entry of the college.

He is a video games fan ( Call of Duty) who he is the best sniper player of EU.

secret friend

My secret friend is blonde haired, has blue eyes, is thin and is tall.
He loves the football team : Manchester united.
 He loves pranking his friends.
And he does hip hop ;)
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hip hop"

A new friend Misterious friend is tall and thin. He is brown haired and has brown eyes. He loves the sport hockey. On one hand he is funny on the other hand i don't know him that much so i didn't find something bad to say about him.He doesn't have dental apliance.Today, he wears blue polo and black shoes.Finally, he has 2arms, 2 eyes, one head, 2 legs.

my friend

My friend had short brown hairs and green eyes. He had a black sweat-shirt, a blue jean and brown shoes.  His favourite sports are football and rugby. His favourite football team is the best of the best : it is MANCHESTER UNITED ! but he hate city  !!!!!

new friend

He wear a black sweat-shirt and a green pant, he has brown hair and on the photo he stands on the left. He likes music, he preferes heavy metal , he plays the guitar, the piano.
He has a band and he plays music with them every Saturday.

I believe he is a good person
He is 16 year-old teenager. He lives in Biarritz and play rugby  . He love eat chocolat .

Who is he ?

He has blond hair , he is tall and he has brown eyes. He doesn't wear glasses. At the moment he doesn't play rugby.

A new friend

She is one of the two girls in the class. I don't know her and  neither does she know me.
She has fair hair and furthermore not very tall. On the photo she is on the left side.
She is 16 years old and that's all i know about her...
I think she is a nice girl !

My new friend

My new friend is so high, he 17 years old moreover he lives in Saint-Martin de Seignosse.
His hair is brown, short and his eyes are brown. Every weeks , he practices fight sport.
Personnaly, I think he is single.


My friend play LOL and Kendo !
He does'nt have girlfriend because he prefere leaugue of legende.
He isn't strong and he is small like me whereas he is cool like me to ;)
I think this person likes virtual life better then real life !

New Friend

He is a 16 year-old teenager. He lives in Tarnos. He has a girlfriend whose name is Lea. He plays rugby at Boucau Tarnos Stadium . He has short brown hair. He has blue eyes moreover runs very fast. He was born in Saint Jean de Braye.

My new friend

My new friend has light brown hair furthermore was born on 1998. He has blue eyes. He is very tall. He is nice. He lives in Bayonne. He plays handball. His firstname is of Russian origin. He hasn't girlfriend. He repeated a class.

The amazing Mouguerre

He is the greatest rugby player who is very tall and  is thin and he is the brown hairs and eyes. This is the 2nd line Leplus capped the French rygby.

This is his final career because he receive too much shock in this face.
He lives on Lahonce and he is 15 years old. 
But I is single and I must meet the woman very old .

hollywood stars

He has brown hair. He plays rugby moreover he practises body building. He has a scooter. He lives in Biarritz.He is funny. He has a girlfriend clem.He has 16 years old. He is tanned.
It's a funny guys.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

A microscope with a cellphone? Nowaday it's possible!

In our project, we are going to make a microscope with a cellphone.
In order to do that, we need a CD player lens and some other things like wood boards, plexiglass...
and a cellphone for sure.
We have just finished to build our microscope and we've done it well.
We haven't found our question yet but we are working for it, we think that it's going to be on the comparaison of an High school 's microscope.
Lastely we've deduced the focal distance of our lens and the magnification of the optical zoom which is x36.
this video is the process to build the microscope and it shows ojects you need.

This image is a photo taken by a cellphone with the lens.
We can see that it is very clear and precise.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         this is a picture of our home made microscope that we already built it.
It took time to build it so we are proud of it                              

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A new friend

He is not much tall. He plays Football at the Jeanne d'Arc of Biarritz where he was very strong apparently. He as brown hairs and braces


A new friend

He's a boy and he has black hair , he plays basketball at the Jeanne D'arc of Biarritz ,

A new friend

My misterious friend he got a big curly hair like a sheep. He is very funny.He is tall and thin. 
He got a scooter and an   helmet  like robocop.He likes play league of legend and play on ps4.
He is 16 years old  he got brown hair.
He has been in Spain and yet  he lives in Bidart
He has played rugby for 2 years . He do secourisme in the port vieux . Today he wear a sweat shirt. Furthermore a blue jeans moreover Dcshoes