Thursday, 10 November 2016

Risks of cellphone

Gatinaud Andony
Latapy Thibaut
Mirailh Vincent

Risky cellphones

- Radiations : Radiations waves are dangerous for the body, it can causes acoustic neuroma (a benign tumor in the head) but the chance to develop it is 1 in 100 000. It can cause other tumors. It hurts all our body. When we are in a plane, when it flies, radiations disturbed the operation of the plane.

-Addiction : Cellphones make us addict to their applications.

-Vision : The light of the phone can hurt our vision when there is no light around us.

-Driving : People who drive while using their phones are dangerous, their attention is focused on the phone not on the road.

Dangerous phones

Hi bloggers !

Today, I watched a documentary that talked about waves from cell phones. I learned by watching this TV program a lot of information!
Today, lot of peoples use their cell phones during long hours but they don't know the danger of that. At first the cell phones may increase the probability of cancer. The cause of this is the micro-waves rejected by our phones. Micro-waves disturbed cerebral systems. They cause damages at the protection of blood brain barrier and the consequence is very dangerous if you use your phone during a long time it might increase the percentage of autism, a disease caused by heavy metals.
Electrosensitivy or hypersensitivy is a psychological disorder due to electromagnetic radiations.
This is also why we have to turn our phones off in hospitals or planes.
When we use our phones we can see a perturbation of the cerebral activity.

So, my dear friends ? Don't use your cell phones all the time
and remember to turn it off when you're sleeping for example !:)
Take care of yourself and see you later for another post on our blog !

Léo, Théo & Kyle