Friday, 7 April 2017

Water pH

We have carried out experiment about pH of the water :

 Protocol : Pour 1 mL of each water in test tubes, then measure the pH with this different techniques : color indicator like Cresol Red or Tymol blue, pH paper and pH meter.
Test tubes contain :
1 : Sea water      2 : Soapy water  3 : Hepar water  
4 : Acetic acid  5 : Tap water  6 : Distilled water
  • First we have measured the pH of different water with the Cresol red

  • Then we have measured with the Tymol blue
  • After that we have used pH paper
  •  And at the end we carried out experiment with the pH meter 

 The results with pH meter are more precise than others. 
Julien ARAMENDI and Dolunay CALHAN

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