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She is a girl, she is tall and slim. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her birthday is May 4th.
In Senior High School, she likes English and Sciences and she doesn't like History.
Two years ago, she was in Junior High School in Jean Rostand in Biarritz.

She loves Orange is the new Black because she likes the little suspens of this series and she likes the actors. It's her favourite series.

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my friend

In the classroom of  Stl, I like everybody, but I have a very good friend. It's a girl, she's 16 years old. She has a dog called Cali, it's a female. My friend loves black, she dresses every day in black,  it's her favorite colour. We have the same character. When we are together, we can speak of different topics. We speak like deaf people, so that nobody can understand us. We are always laughing. We love giving nicknames to everyone. We like listening to the group Stupeflip.
I really love this person  and i would never lose it.
She really like "the walkind dead", it's her favorite TV series.

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My freind

My friend is a girl. She is 17 years old. Se has brown hair and brown eyes. She loves orange is the new black. She has black glasses. She has got two dogs. She come from René Cassin senior high school. She love write. she has dance lesson.

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my friend

My friend is a boy, he is 16 years old . He is not very tall and he has brown hair. Furthermore he loves playing basketball.
He has round and blue glasses. He has a complicated character and he is all the time grumpy.
His favorite school subject is sport and chemistry . He doesn't have any pet . He has a older sister. He prefers BREAKING BAD to PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

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She is a girl, she is tall, she has brown eyes, she like reading and listening to the music. 
She is shy and associable. 

she love's stay in the house, she love playing video games.
she don't know want to do later.
she don't like seringues and the school. 
Later, she would like to gon to the North

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my friend

My friend is a boy, he was born at Lyon, and he came to Collège Villa Fal in 2015
He is tall and he wears glasses sometimes, he has green eyes and he has brown hairs. He likes listen to music and swim, plays videogames, and football.

My friend is a boy. He his blond and tall. He was born at Bayonne in march 23th 2000. My friend likes playing basket-ball, tennis and sleep.

my friend

my friend is a girl ,she is 16 years old  .She has a light brown hair and blue eyes ,she wears purple and silver glasses  .She wears leather jackets and her bag is gray and pink.She does not know what she wants to do in the future maybe prof,she is in Malraux High School in STL section and she loves mangas.

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She is a girl, she is tall ans slim, she has long brown hair and she has brown eyes.
In senior high school she likes french and sciences but she doesn't like spanish and history.
She was in the same junior high school in Biarritz.
She would like work in lab.

Her favourite series is 13 reasons why because she likes the history.

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my friend in the class

In the classroom, there is a girl who is always laughing and saying stupidity, she's a little strange, that's why she's my friend!
We're friends since last year, and we're always together at school.
She has a cat, and a little brother, and she lives only with her mother, her brother and her cat. She loves wearing  black clothes, like me. She's only 16 years old, but she's already working.
She's very mature and independante, with her we can talk for hours about different subjects and without being bored, I think it's because we have the same character.
She loves watching series on her computer: one of her favourite one is "Gossip Girl".
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My Friend

It's a girl and she's 14. She has 2 little brothers. She speaks English since she was born and she has been in European class with me last year but we had to stop because of STL. She has crazy hair and she's small but she's quite funny and she's not shy at all and she wants to be a chemist. Her favorite TV show is Fairy Tail

My Friend

My friend is a seventeen years old cool girl. She is short and thin, and she wears glasses.
She is very talented for artistic things and she want to go to a good University.
She loves rock climing too and she practices this activity. She likes her family and takes care of the people she loves just like her friends or her cat. She can make a strange and funny voice too ! She don't likes a series in particular but she is a big fan of videos games and her favourite is                                                        ASSASINS'SCREEDS

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Guess who

She has a particular hair color. She loves English and she's pretty good at it, that's why she was in the European class last year. When she will be older, she want to became a chemist. Her favorite series is The Flash. She's an only child and she has a step father.
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