Tuesday, 18 September 2018

who is it ??

She has got curly brown hair,she has got brown eyes,she is average.She little makes up.
She is thin,she hasn't got glasses.
She has got one brother in this high school,his name is Pablo.
She is in couple for a long time, she lives in Biarritz .She has got sixteen years old .
More later, she would like live in Bordeaux with her boyfriend.
She has got one dog. SHE LOVES SLEEP!!!!!
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anais and emma 

Who is it ?

This person is a girl. She is 15 years old.She lives in Biarritz near from the high school ,so she comes on foot. She has long brown wavy hair and blue eyes. She has braces and glasses. This girl is almost at the first line in class and she often puts her hands up for answer questions. She is very smart person. She does a sport who is called Muay Thai. It's a martial art. She would like to be a professional Nak Muay (person who is doing Muay Thai). She has a Picsou diary. 
So now you have to find who is her.

                                                                                                                                   Julie Aranaz
                                                                                                                                   Emmy Rubio.

guess who

Image result for soccerImage result for skateMy classmate is new, he's not from France, he practices skateboard and loves football, he is short brown haired got brown eyes and isn't really tall and talk more than 1 language

who is that?

Let me talk about one person . It's a girl, she's 17 years old . She's tall and slim, she has brown,weavy and long hair and short until the middle of her head on the bottom. Also she has lots of earrings and one large earring in the right ear. She loves doing parties with her friends the weekend. More over she's chatty and she's doing herself friends easily. 
liana and luna 1stl

who is it ?

Image result for laborantinThis person have glasses and she practice dancing , this person is a girl ,who have fifteen years old, she have three big brothers and she loves spend her times with her friends. She don't have scooter and at the break she stay generally with Maika or Zoe . In the future She would like to become laboratory assistant

My friend

Hello, I'm going to describe my friend, he has short blond hair and he is tall, he has blues eyes, he like video games and he like German's tank and weapons.
Alexandre Dudon, and Léo Perin

Who is it ?

He is a tall Russian who likes video games but especially MMORPG. He doesn't practice any sport and he isn't really good at those. He lives with his mother and his sister who are Russians too. He chose STL because he likes sciences. He rarely put off his jacket : he is like a big bear! He needs to use his computer at school instead of copybooks because he is dyslexic


 Théo Le Clercq and Natanaël Negre