Monday, 12 March 2018



  Our project is about colorants. We wanted to do this project because we were wondering about uses of colorants and their dangers. We have done some synthesis, a lot of extraction (as like the extraction of M&M's). There you can see a photo about this experiment.

In this experiment, we wanted to show all colorants contained in the M&M's, identify these colorants and know more about the dangers of those colorants.
The problematic of our project is "What does colorants are used for and when can they be dangerous".
With this problematic in head, we have done an extraction of lycopene in the tomato sauce.
We have found that the lycopene in the tomato sauce could be dangerous for health but we must eat a enormous quantity to be sick.
Our project have done many extraction (in schtroumpfs...)
and we wanted to show you a video about dangers of Food Dyes. (the link of this video:

Arthur Desthomas, Lucas Brisson

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