Monday, 12 March 2018


 Our project consists of creating some crystals and specially make them pure.For that, we did some liquid and solid crystals, and every time we get geometric shaped crystals.

We changed factors to see if it had an influence on the crystal's purity. First we changed the solubility, by putting more or less metals in distilled water : We conclude that ours crystals were more pure with a solution at solubility stage because the solution is saturated at this point. Then, we changed temperature, it's at 0 degrees that we obtained the most beautiful, translucent, geometric and pure crystal.

Ours crystals are very small so we observed them into the microscope, so we had the idea of make them grow. So we did. 

In order to conclude, in our project we are looking for the best qualities of crystals.

 -Pauline Teixeira Noé Harismendy Eleonore Igos

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