Thursday, 5 December 2019

Ana Mitchell

Killian et Elorri

Ana from Oahyo in Cleavland.She like Anglet but she has not visited it a lot She did not have the choice to come in Biarritz, she is really lucky. She practice french and try to tech. She visit her friends appart. She have lot of hobbies like reading yoga because she think  it's a good streach. For her Harvard it's a good experience for tcheaching. She speaks to anyone of all ages, talk to people like children or adults. She don't have family in Biarritz. She sleep in biarritz in  airbnb. In order to come at the school it takes her 20 to 25 minutes. When she arrive, for her it was difficult, she felt homesick. At the begining when she arrived she fell very alone and this family miss her. For her the weather is beautiful. She arrived the 26 septembre 2019. She don't pratice surf. From aeroport to airbnb take a cab.

Miss Ana Mitchell (Puyrigaud Mélissa Legros Bastien 1ere STL)

Hello ! We are Biaritz journalist and we are going to talk about are third english teacher, Miss Ana Mitchell.

So, she is from Cleaveland in Ohio state. She came in Biarritz on a lucky time, because she was in a program which sent her in our city. She arrived the 26 september 2019 and she will be back in America the 16 april 2020. She actually lives in an Air BNB, in Biarritz, to go to this house she took a cab because she has big suit case. Ana was a homesick woman, when she arrive, she was alone.

When she arrive, she didn't have any friend. And one day, she was taken picture and a swedish girl came to her for speaking. After, this girl become her friend and she present Ana to her others friends. That is how Ana discover a lot of friends.

Ana love eating, so when she have time,she love discover new bakery. When she have time, she like read and write something. She doesn't like competitive sport, so she practice yoga. Her friends try to teach her skateboarding and surfing. She skii just once in her life, but she want do to it another time.

Ana doesn't work because her visa can't let her, but she search an online job in America. In the school, she have 11 class and she do diferent things in order to capt them.

Her family is everywhere in USA, her brother, father and mother are in Cleaveland. Her uncle and aunt in Chicago. And her two step-sisters are in Austin, Texas. 

Friday, 22 November 2019



- Wear a lab coat, a gloves and a goggles to protect yourself
- Tie a hairs
- Use the fume hot for noxious fumes
- Look at a pictograms
- Wash your body and your eyes for 15 minutes with water
- Dispose a biochemicals in biohazard bag
- Don't eat or drink in the lab
- Tell the teacher when you broke something
- Never walk alone in the lab
- Don't run or shaut in the lab


Thursday, 21 November 2019

Safety Rules

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Tie your hair.
Wear lab coat, glooves and googles. 
When we are at the lab, don't drink, don't eat 
Don't run and play
Don't touch other setups
Don't smell the toxic fumes
when you broke something call the teacher 
never put back the solutions 
Don't put the instrument in the mouth
look at the pictogrammes

Maureen Elorri

Safety rules Mélissa/Bastien

10 safety rules in the lab :

- Never work alone
- Don't play/shoot/run in the lab
- Don't smell toxic fumes
- Waft the fumes with your hand
- Don't eat/drink anything in the lab
- look at the pictogramme
- Wear lab coat/goggles/gloves to protect yourself
- Hold lab equipment with both hand
- Read the MSDS
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- Rince your eyes open 15 minutes if you have chemicals in your eyes


Louis Marchiset
Killian Nazabal


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ne pas boire in the lab"Don't drink anything in the lab

Glasses is not goggles
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Use a safety shower for 15 minutes if you have a chimical on your skins
Panneau douche de sécurité 200x200 - adhésif,

Tie your hair: make pony tail
Don't running in the lab
Don't eat in the lab
Don't swallowed in the lab
Read the pictogrammes before the experience
Rince your eyes opened for 15 minutes if you have chimical project