Friday, 26 September 2014

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming
1) When did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?
2) During what war was penicillin used for the first time ?
  a) World war I
  b) World war II
  c) Korean War
3) What is exactly penicillin?
   a) a bacteria
   b) a coccus
   c) a mucoraceae
4) How did he realize the presence of penicillin?
   a)A strong smell escaped from its cultures
   b)colors of its staphylococci had changed
   c)A circular area in which the bacterium did not grow was present around the mold colony
5) What was he cultivating when he discovered penicillin?
   a) Eucaryote
   b) staphylococci
   c) Nénuphars


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