Tuesday, 15 December 2015

safety rules

Ziad, Aleksandar

Our Greek Friends

Our greek friends

  Friday 30 november  we meet greek students who are 16 years old .
  We asked them a few questions of there habits and the greek cultur .
  Like "Have you ever surf ? " they never surfed before we explain that to them .
  And if they can visit our city and they said no , but they asked us if we can visit Greece
  and we said no . That's makes me sad because they look kind

  Andoni Harambillet
  Aleksandar Cockic
 Ziad Bouab

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safety rules by Cyril and andony

Greece 2015

 We talked with our Greek students and they asked questions and to us too.
Some questions were about the school and others about sport or country.
We sang  " Petit Papa Noel " and they sang a greek song but I don't remenber what song.
In Greece, they talked to us they have one hour more than France. They said too about the crisis and its devlopement in the country.
The conversation lasted one hour and it was very quick.
And we finished to speak about our next holidays 

  Théo Caubet
safety rules in the class : Joao Matos

                                      safety rules in class : thomas sorhouet

Our greek friends

Today, on the Friday 4 of December, we talking with a Greek class about life questions, but in the beginning, we had a problem with the sound of the computer. However, we have can ask questions. It was very interesting. We have learned about there. For example, there time table, they speak English very well and they don’t know what is rugby! In first time, we ask questions for there, and 30 minutes later, they ask questions for us. The Greek class love music and sport. They speak someone French words. They like typical Greek food. They know Paris and other big cities. They have the same materials as us but they finish at 3.pm. For Christmas they decorate a chair. 
    Cardon Cyril Bain-Peron Killian

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My greeks friends

My Greeks friends

On Friday, December 4 we talked Skype has our new Greek friends
when we have questions each in turn and then we reverse roles we 
have learned many new things about them I hope soon again to finish the experiences.
We have them sing this little papa noel was fine I hope soon their talk.