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The unity of the degrees is kelvin. Kelvin and celsius have the same scales. Degrees celsius is used in Europe. The coldest kelvin is -273 K. stavros, naîma, tom, alycia

Notion about Degrees

First of all we're gonna talk about the three units temperature of the world:

     - The Kelvin is the international unit of temperature and he's the most use. 

     -The absolute temperature is 0 Kelvin wich is equal to -273degrees, nothing can be colder.

    -The temperature influence the fluid activity, higher the fluid is more the molecules are collide beetwen       them


In the world, there are three types of units: the celsius, the kelvin and the fahrenheit. The international unit is the Kelvin but the celsius is used more and has the same ladder. The fahrenheit is used in the USA because they have a problem with their space station. 

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Celsius and farenheit are the international unit. Daniel Gabriel Farenheit created the unit farenheit 

Lord Kelvin created the unit kelvin, Anders Celsius created the unit celsius. The formula to convert farenheit into celsius is (C*9/5)+32, and to convert celsius into farenheit is ((F-32)*5)9. Hot atmopher takes more places but cold atmospher takes less places.The metric convertion was created in 1975.

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Black on Grey


Black on Grey, Mark Rothko, 1970

This painting is an acrylic on canvas featuring a black rectangle and a grey rectangle, which is a reminder of the title. Rohko wanted to represent death on his piece of art. The stacked rectangles may be read vertically as an abstracted Virgin bisected by horizontal divisions that indicate the supine Christ.