Monday, 29 February 2016

Charge a phone battery (the hard way)

Our group is composed of Maxime Oçafrain, Florian Fabre and Tom Avril. We decided to talk about the renewable energies at first, but then we found a new key question : How to charge  a phone battery using the lab equipment ?
To answer to this key question, we realized 5 experiment to try if we could or not use these  equipments to charge the phone battery : - Generator and computer
                                                                  - Strirling Engine
                                                                  - Solar Panel
                                                                  - Windmill

Here is how a stirling engine work.
The stirling engine take a big place in our porject cause we, at first, choosed to work only on this.
The principle of how the Stirling engine work is really interresting, cause it mix-up thermodynamic and fluid mechanics.

An exemple of montages that we made. Here trying to charge a phone battery using a solar panel.

 We conclude saying that it was just impossible to charge a phone battery using the Stirling Engine cause of a problem of resistot difference from the battery. Every other experiments were succesfull.