Monday, 7 March 2016

An environmentally friendly soap


Our group is composed of Charles, Eva and Léa. Our key question is : How to create an environmentally friendly soap ?

We use soap in our daily life. A soap is one of the products of the saponification reaction, where butter or oil react with sodium hydroxyde to create soap and glycerine. Morever, you can add to this recipe different additives for different types of skin. For example, dry skin needs moisturising cream and whilst oily skin would need antibacterial cream.
Solid soap is more appropriate than liquid soap, because the solid soap is created during the cold saponification. This technique is the most respectful for the environment and the fabrication of the soap.
Nevertheless, many cosmetic companies all around the world create liquid soap that is harmful
to the planet. For an example, Dove soap has 29 additives and all their properties are not environmentally-friendly. Imagine the number of additives in all the soap of all the brands all around the planet. These additives go to the oceans and pollute the entire marine ecosystem.
Certified organic soap with only natural additives are a good solution for all these ecological problems!

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