Sunday, 22 September 2019

The G7 and I

My name is Opaline. I live in Louhossoa and I was in my house during the G7.

The first ladys were to Cambo to see the Arnaga's villa, so the whole road was blocked by armed forces which was really painful because the time of any route was extended by one hour or two. I don't have a particular opinion on the G7

Thursday, 19 September 2019

The G7 and I

Hello my name is Mélissa and I live in Anglet(64) with my mother and Andernos-Les-Bains(33) with my father. Today I going to tell you where I was during the G7 and all I can say about that. During the G7 I was at my father's house. I doesn't have information because I wasn't here and I am not interest about this topic.

My life during the G7

Hello ! My name is Maureen Labeyrie, I live in Ciboure and I was during the G7.
I was not effected at G7, I traved come cleaning lady but I commenced earlied and polices men in front on my builling, I speak with police men  when I go out my dog.

The G7 and I

During the G7, I was in the Bassussarry' festival with my best friends.
I learned about the dinner of Donald Trump, apparently, he ate with his wife, Melania Trump,in a 5 stars restaurant in Arcangues, the neighbour' city of Bassussarry.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Hello my name is Charles. I was not there during the G7 in Biarritz because I was in holiday.
I was gone for my birthday make amusement park with strong sensation.

My opinion on G7 is that it's a good idea but it's a bad decision to do it in Biarritz.
Because Biarritz is a seaside resort and they have blocked the whole city so the tourists we could not enjoy the city

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Me and the G7

Hello, my name is Jade, I'm 17 years old and I live in Bidart.
During G7 I was in Bidart, at home and it was very difficult to go elsewhere than in Bidart especially in Biarritz, because of the 7 world powers that were in Biarritz, it was the longest and boring days of the summer. And there was a lot of policeman and crs to ensure their protection.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "g7 biarritz"

The G7 and I

Hi, my name is Marco, I live in Saint Jean de Luz and during the G7 I was at home. I have a bit followed this event by social networks, even if I don't like too politiciens. I feel hatred towards this G7 because it would have been better to do it somewhere else  than Biarritz in the middle of the summer, and not disturb traders who work around.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "G7 biarritz"

The G7 and I

Hello,  my name is emilie. I live in Biarrtiz and during the G7 i'm not staying in Biarritz beacause i'm stayed at my father house. My father don't live in Biarritz he live in Dax. But my mother stayed in Biarritz with my step father. So she told me about the events and she tell me that biarritz was pretty empty. that's what happened while I was spending time with my friends in Dax.

The G7 and I

Hello, my name is Clémence and I'll tell you what I did during the G7.  First I was not at home but at my grandparents' house. They live in Saujon, next to La Rochelle in Charente Maritime. There, I did all kinds of activities. I've been sailing, surfing, swimming, running and lots of other things. With my parents and my brother, we thought it was better not to stay in the Basque country during the G7 because it was going to be hard to get around and do things. The Coiffard family is a very sporty family and they always need to be outside. So, to stay locked up for three days was impossible, therefore we decided to go spend a few days at my grandparents'.

Here is a picture of a day we spent on the island of Aix with my family !😄

the G7 and I

Hello, my name is Elorri, I live in Biarritz. During the G7, I am not left at home. I went to a friend's house because there were the bassusary parties. Honestly, I did not worry about this event. This event was very annoying because everything was blocked but for my it was not disturbing. So I did not meet any famous person. Nevertheless the G7 posed a lot of problems especially to small traders... most of the Biarritz stores were closed. Especially since nobody belonged the présidents and people wearrying a badge could not circulate in town or even in the city. On the other hand, this event has advertised the beautiful city of Biarritz.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

My life during the G7

During the G7, I went to Hossegor for the regional competition of surf (on longboard) with Louis Jamet. I arrived second. I was very happy because the contest was very well organized and he has very good conditions.

My opinion on the g7 is that as long as it does not stop me from surfing and security is under control and there is no attack, I let them do their meeting even if I find it weak  (ecologically speaking) that 7 presidents meet to talk about nowadays there is "face time" without using planes, submarines and I do not know what spends oil in abundance.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

The G7 and J

Hi everyone, my name is Bastien, i live in Biarritz, i'm in the André Malraux STL classroom. This summer holydays in Biarritz, all of the biggest countries president came to us for a big meeting about our environment. For that rare event, the protection in Biarritz have been extremelty renforce. Just for exemple, Donald Trump come with his military boat because he didn't want to sleep in the city. In this meeting, there were Emmanuel Macron the french president, Donald Trump the american president and another but i'm not remember their names. So all of the biggest countries are in Biarritz. But it's not all, there were some delegation of some countries.
For me the G7 is an important think. I don't know what were they talking about because i don't like the politic, on my point of view it's very annoying. It was just annoying for the Biarritz population because they can't use their shop, and we can't walk in Biarritz without a pass-card.
Thanks to read me!!

My life during the G7.

Hello, I'm Maryam, I live in Hondarribia and I was in Barcelona during the G7.
The G7 affected all the inhabitants of the Basque Country, because so many people did not agree, and they did demonstrations against it.

The presidents of the most important countries came for a great meeting on issues like environment, trade wars and climate, and to fight against diseases.
There were some of the most important of the G7 summit in Biarritz.
On one hand is great, because the presidents, can meet and talk about many things, find solutions to serious problems such as the environment, diseases as i said before.

 Resultado de imagen de manifestaciones contra el G 7

Me with the G7



My name is Adrien i'm 16 years old i'm French I love skateboarding and Fortnite.
During the G7, I was at home doing nothing because there was no bus and traffic was blocked
more than 30,000 police and CRS were mobilized for this event and I see them go by procession in front of my house and I live at the station so the noise was incessant.So besides I could not see the president and his wife and donald trump.

The G7 and me

Hello, my name is Maurice, I live in Arcangues

For my part I wasn't here during the G7 I was in holydays in Aire-sur-l'adour I know anything about the 2019 G7 because I didn't follow the news because is not interesting for me, for my part this events provoked a lot of problem for a lot of person: the traders because they had a decline in turnover, the people because their displacement was compromised but I did not have any problem.

TheG7 and I

the G7

Hi everyone, i'm in the Malraux STL classroom. Today i'm going to speak about of the G7. The G7  is a meeting with all the president and first minister.This meeting was unfold in Biarritz. Their speak of the situation economic and the biodiversity.The G7 during  four day.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Robbery on the Orient Express


for our project , we have studied finger prints. We have seen several fingerprint classes like arches, loops , whorls


This picture represents arches. In an arch pattern, the ridges enter from one side, make a rise in the center and exist primarily on the opposite side.

 This picture represents loops
In a loop pattern, the ridges enter from either side,re-curve, and pass out or bend to pass out side they entered.
The picture represents the whorls

Robbery of Orient express : Blood types

                       Blood Types 

There are four different blood types in the world :
With different negative or positive rhecus (Rh).

To find them we undertook three tests,  one for the A type, one for the B type and the last for the Rh.
We placed a pallet three drops of blood and we searched which type of blood it was.

For example if the blood agglutinated for test A, this blood belonged to A type.
We did the same for the B type and the rhecus.
And if the blood didn't agglutinate in the A and B place, this was O type.

AB+ type
A- type

B- type
O- type

Mathilde and Justine 1STL

Robbery on the Orient Express

White Powder
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "white powder"

 A white powder has been used to identify fingerprints during the crime in order to find the murderer.The se eTwinning official was found unconscious in his cabine on the orient express. Some white powder was discovered by the turkish police on his bedside table.
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tlc plate png"So we are going to carry an experiment thanks to the TLC technique. The solvent used in the chromatography tank is a mixture of cyclohexane /butyl-acetate and methanoic acid.Finally, we used the UV lamp technique to reveal the compounds.
To find the nature of the white powder, we had to compare it with four dry white powder drugs.

-  A : BROMAZEPAM (anxiolytic)
-  B : STILNOX (sleeping pill)
-  C : ADVIL (ibuprofen)
-  D : ASPIRINE (aspirin)

After this experiment, we've concluded that the white powder was a mixture of BROMAZEPAM and STILNOX.

                                                                                                                                       Adrien Angella
                                                                                               Hugo Barada
Iñaki Bisbau


Spanish winner logo

The project we did this year was in collaboration with eTwinning, and here is the story...

"A team of Etwinning teachers was invited to London for a prize winning ceremony organized by eTwinning. Indeed, they have encouraged their students in taking part in a European project and as such they have received a box full of prizes for their students. The teachers have won a free return ticket that is why they all embark on the mythic Orient Express train. However, unfortunately, on their way back, the founding teacher of the project is drugged and robbed of the box containing the students’ prizes… By carrying out a common scientific investigation, students will have to find the names of the robbers and their reasons for robbing the box of students' prizes!"

During this project, we were able to analyse the white powder found at the scene of the accident, as well as drops of blood. We also realized several logos, and we elected the best ones.
Each other country has also done its own logo, and then we have elected the best among each country.
The countries that participated were:
- Spain
- Portugal
- Turkey
- France
 Spain won the logo competition with their logo above.

LUCAS Jade, LANEUSE Krystel     1STL

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Hello, my name is Sarah, during this year, I work on a project. This project is to build a drone.
Our problematic is How create a drone by it self ?
We are four in our project, and it was very helpfull because we could help each other and doing pairs to work in different parts.

This is a picture about our drone : 

We call it VSL² because of the four first letter of our name (Vanille, Sarah, Laure et Léa)

We built it with two rulls from the lab and we use motors and engines what we have buy. We also learnt the programmation for control the drone and use an Arduino card (electronic card).

Our drone fly ! We had some problems to do this, but we succeed !

My Project !

Hello, my name is Léa and today I will introduce you my project.
This year with my friends we chose to build our own drone!

We used some lab's materials and we bought the battery or the esc for example to build it. We tried to follow a video about a man who was doing the same thing by itself but we decided to change it a little; We used an Arduino Card to control it instead of using a remote control. We had a lot of problems with the program and the battery but we finally succeed and we made it flies ! We were very happy and relieved.
We had so much fun during this project and we even gave our drone a name : it's called "VSL²" in reference of our initials.

We nearly have finished this project, no
w we have to write the lab's repport.


Our project is on the organic and industrial lipstick.
We wanted to create a organic lipstick, to show if a organic lipstick is must performant and resistant than the industrial lipstick.
We have to created our organic lipstick for a must environment, and for the healthy of poeple.
During our project, we did of experiences as the spectrométrie, presence of plomb, the difraction.
It's better the natural colorant for a lipstick because he is must resistant.
The report was made by Lucie, and i do the report with lucie on presence of plomb.
After we have all participated in the project.

Hello my name is Emily Harriet!

This year  with my group, we studied about electrolysis. Our key question is "How and why  can we depose a methal of an other methal ?"

During the project we carry out experiments. I found things to do a experiment which name is GALVANISATION.

 For this experiment I need:

-a balance
-a piece of copper
-zinc powder
- a hot plate
-soda powder
-a beaker
- water

In the first time, in the beaker heat 200 ml of water. Add 2.0g of zinc powder and 2.0g of soda powder, wait 2 minutes.
Then we introduce the piece of copper in the beaker. We need to wait 20 minutes. A few minutes later the piece of copper is totally covered of zinc.
In the second time, we place the piece of copper on the hot plate. 40 minutes thanks to the mixture the piece of copper has become bras.

Hello my name is Laure and I will explain my project. The key question of my project is : how to create a drone by it self ?
I wasn't alone in this project, I create it with Léa, Sarah and Vanille.
To create our drone we looked a video on Youtube to start. In this video a man create his own drone like our drone but not exactly. for exemple we replaced the remote controle by a arduino card.

We gave it a drone's name : VSL² in reference of our name's initials.

We faced a lot of problems but we find the good solution and now, it flies ! 

We have to write the lab report.

Vanille's project

Hi, I'm Vanille and i'll talk about my project of 2018.
With my friends we wanted to create our own thing, so we created a drone. Our drone is pretty basic, he has propellers, engines and ESC. The major difference is that he's controlled by an arduino card and even if it doesn't seem complicated, it was sure a lot of work ! it was very interesting, fascinating and fun ! We had a lot of up dans down, we thought that our drone would never fly so it was a beautiful surprise when he flew for the first time ! Everyone was very concerned when he flew on the first try, i was so happy ! I'm so proud of my project and of my friends that never gave up.
Here's a picture of VSL². Yeah, he has a name^^ in honor of his creators.