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Robbery on the Orient Express


for our project , we have studied finger prints. We have seen several fingerprint classes like arches, loops , whorls


This picture represents arches. In an arch pattern, the ridges enter from one side, make a rise in the center and exist primarily on the opposite side.

 This picture represents loops
In a loop pattern, the ridges enter from either side,re-curve, and pass out or bend to pass out side they entered.
The picture represents the whorls

Robbery of Orient express : Blood types

                       Blood Types 

There are four different blood types in the world :
With different negative or positive rhecus (Rh).

To find them we undertook three tests,  one for the A type, one for the B type and the last for the Rh.
We placed a pallet three drops of blood and we searched which type of blood it was.

For example if the blood agglutinated for test A, this blood belonged to A type.
We did the same for the B type and the rhecus.
And if the blood didn't agglutinate in the A and B place, this was O type.

AB+ type
A- type

B- type
O- type

Mathilde and Justine 1STL

Robbery on the Orient Express

White Powder
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "white powder"

 A white powder has been used to identify fingerprints during the crime in order to find the murderer.The se eTwinning official was found unconscious in his cabine on the orient express. Some white powder was discovered by the turkish police on his bedside table.
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tlc plate png"So we are going to carry an experiment thanks to the TLC technique. The solvent used in the chromatography tank is a mixture of cyclohexane /butyl-acetate and methanoic acid.Finally, we used the UV lamp technique to reveal the compounds.
To find the nature of the white powder, we had to compare it with four dry white powder drugs.

-  A : BROMAZEPAM (anxiolytic)
-  B : STILNOX (sleeping pill)
-  C : ADVIL (ibuprofen)
-  D : ASPIRINE (aspirin)

After this experiment, we've concluded that the white powder was a mixture of BROMAZEPAM and STILNOX.

                                                                                                                                       Adrien Angella
                                                                                               Hugo Barada
Iñaki Bisbau


Spanish winner logo

The project we did this year was in collaboration with eTwinning, and here is the story...

"A team of Etwinning teachers was invited to London for a prize winning ceremony organized by eTwinning. Indeed, they have encouraged their students in taking part in a European project and as such they have received a box full of prizes for their students. The teachers have won a free return ticket that is why they all embark on the mythic Orient Express train. However, unfortunately, on their way back, the founding teacher of the project is drugged and robbed of the box containing the students’ prizes… By carrying out a common scientific investigation, students will have to find the names of the robbers and their reasons for robbing the box of students' prizes!"

During this project, we were able to analyse the white powder found at the scene of the accident, as well as drops of blood. We also realized several logos, and we elected the best ones.
Each other country has also done its own logo, and then we have elected the best among each country.
The countries that participated were:
- Spain
- Portugal
- Turkey
- France
 Spain won the logo competition with their logo above.

LUCAS Jade, LANEUSE Krystel     1STL