Friday, 12 December 2014

Sea museum

The sea museum
The seal's aquarium
Last week, on Thusday , we went at the sea museum of Biarritz. We had a conference about species we don't have the occasion to see. This museum has a lot of expositions and different species. A seal's aquarium is on the roof and the visitor can see their lunch. We saw an exposition of abyss giants species like big squid or goblin shark. We met a doctor in Bio marine who work in IFREMER  have talked about Gascogne Gulf species.

Paul Beucler / Charles Maze


  1. It is a wonderful museum that we would like to visit as well ! :)

  2. this museum is wonderful and i like to visit some time :)

  3. Extraordinary to have such a museum in your town
    I think that it would be an exciting experience

    Ioannis Lazopoulos


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