Friday, 12 December 2014

Sunscreens, makeup, shampoo... the skin absorbs 60%! And women have 515 chemicals products on the skin each day! Moreover many cosmetics damage the corals and even the ocean in general.
What solutions can exist?

EQ company has developed natural products such as apricot kernel oil, they don't take bad substances for humans and the environment.
Official website: 
We going to give you some tips about cosmetics :
     For protect your skin and the planet, take products with the logo "BIO". Use products with a latin name in the ingredients because it's natural.
     You shouldn't use cosmetics with this ingredients: petrolatom, paraffinum,
-one word (dimethicone), -ane words, PEG, PPG, BHT, BHA, paraben.  
    If an ingredient starts with Ci ...., it's a unsafe ingredient but if an ingredient starts with Ci 77 ..., it's natural and with any dangers.
A exemple of naturals cosmetics : sunscreens by EQ (EVOA is the name of organic product line)
Eva Hirigoyen, Joëlle Balmès


  1. olympia meliopoulou19 December 2014 at 11:33

    wow..that's really interesting! Were can i buy these products? i have never heard about them!

  2. Well yes!
    You can buy these products on the Official website: !!


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