Friday, 12 December 2014

Wolf to Whales ?

Wolf to Whales ?

During the week of Sea Ambassadors Mr. SOULIER become to talking about the evolution of whales. We learning to the wolf is the whales ancestor and the whales to the species of cetaceans.

  representation of a Mesonyx ( The wolf)

 representation of a Protocetus ( The whales)

The species has left the terrestrial environment to return to the aquatic environment.

Finally we learning how to study the whales today :
 -The Method of marking / tagging of cetaceans

-The Genetic typing

-The Marking capture, which allows among others to estimate the population of the species.

Diving is important to recognize a species. The species can dive as deep as possible is the :

Now we estimated that about had ten of thousands of species to survive without protection.  Fortunately today with the standards ,it can make with a few thousand species.The hunting of whales is banned today for all species.We hope to keep this diversity for many years , and maybe learn to see how they evolve !


  1. Wow amazing i had ever heard something like this!!
    Ioannis Lazopoulos

  2. Great job guys.This information was very helpful


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